"The Amazon of Antibodies". IHC, WB, IC, ELISA kits, IF, Stem cells, Oncology, immunology and more ...

Integrated DNA Technologies "IDT"

Primers, DNA Oligos, qPCR Probes, DNA Modifications, PrimeTime Real time PCR, Gene Expression, siRNA, miRNA and more ..

Zymo Research

Zymo Research is the best source worldwide for providing innovative technologies in RNA/ DNA Extraction, in addition to prese...

iNtRON Biotechnology

DNA Extraction, RNA Extraction, Reverse Transcription kits, RT-PCR, RedSafe, PCR and Gel Purification, Sizers Ladders, Chemic...

Omni International

Bead Ruptor Homogenizer, Hand Held Homogenizers, Mixers, Automated Homogenizer, Multi-samples homogenizers, Sonicators and mo...

Euroclone s.p.a

Coagulation Disorders Real time PCR kits, Human Genetics real time PCR kits, Pathogens and infectious agents Real time PCR ki...

ebioscience (An Affymetrix Company)

Non-Coated ELISA Kits (ELISA READY Set GO !), Coated ELISA (Instant and Platinum) Flow Cytometry Reaganets and CD markers, Im...


The Essentials of Life Science Research, Cell lines, Bacteria Cell lines, DNA Controls, RNA Controls...

Biometra GmbH

TProfessional Thermocyclers, PCR machine, TOptical Real time PCR machine, Gel Documentation systems and more ...


Best of Cloning, Titanum Taq, Advanced research, In Fusion kits, Plasmids, SMARTer RACE .. and more

Conda Laboratories

Dehydrated Culture Media for Microbiology, TBE Buffer, Agarose E, Low melting Agarose, High Resolution Agarose, Gram Stain an...


PCR, Cloning, Restriction Enzymes, Buffers, RT-PCR, Real time Perfect Solutions and more

Microgen BioProducts

Biochemicla Identifcation systems for: Gram Negative Bacteria, Streptocouss and Enterococcus, Bacilli, Staphylococus

cellbiolabs Inc.

Cell-Based Assays

Vilber Lourmat

Gel Documentation Systems, chemiluminescence, UV instruments and tables ... and more

CBS Scientific

Horizontal Gel Electrophoesis, Vertical, blotting, PCR work station, all sizes, customization and more

Kogene Biotechnology

Real time PCR kits for:

bioo Scientific

ELISA kits for Food and Feed Safety, Huge collection, Aflatoxins, Antibiotic residues, Rapid tests, Constituents, Dairy Testi...

Genetics PCR Solutions (GPS)

Real time PCR kits for any Target, High Quality, Real time PCR solutions for all your research needs, validated kits with all...


BioSan is worldwide leader in producing high quality and braod range of laboratort machines and tools from simple ones to hig...


BIOAIR® former EuroClone is a leading brand of Contamination Control Equipment that originates from the historic Gelaire® bra...

LiLiF - iNtRON Biotech Brand

LiliF® is a specialized trademark of DR(Diagnosis) biz part of iNtRON Bio.


HyClone Cell culture Media, stem cells media, Sera .. etc

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