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"Life is great discovery" The discoveries that let us see the life in different codes and detailed story. 


It is our pleasure to be an active part in science and technology, and to share this knowledge together.



We "El Weratha Company"A.K.A "Genetics Company (Biotechnology Products and services)" are only one step ahead in exploring new developments and anticipate future cutting edge technologies which let this beautiful field of science "Biotechnology" discover its own applications in our life.


 It was in 2009, when we established our corporate.  We admit that we are young company, young staff with young dreams! But have long experience in Biotechnology as practice and theory. It's our happiness when we are involved in the great researches done by our scientists! -This is the only way to make ourselves satisfied and make our nation life better.


"Genetics Company" AKA "El Weratha Company" recognized now as the most reliable, scientific, ambitious and developed company in our region.

We are not distributors only; we are working side by side with our valuable researchers and customers, do free training covering molecular biology in our customers site or in our own demo lab, make consultations, "bringing applications" and provide them with the highest quality products "from the biggest brands" with reasonable prices.


The idea of starting our activity was not easy, but with the hard work, focused customer care and with incorporatingthe most trusted brands names in our labs made it very easy. As our first goal to make our scientists more than satisfied with the unlimited technical service and great products we supply.


Our target is to establish a relation based on trust, transparency and respect between us, our partners and customers. And serve them more efficient than before.

Our partners reflect our strength and way of thinking. We are always strive to let every lab "small or big" in whole Middle East to know the latest technology available in simple way and make the research take other path to lead our valuable customers to there great findings and discoveries.

We believe that it is always the Application, which reflect our passion. The applications we are covering as below:

  1. Genotyping, Gene Mapping and Mutation Discovery.
  2. BioDefense and Biosecurity.
  3. Food and Water Security.
  4. Biodiversity in Agriculture, Animals and Marine Bio-life.
  5. Plant and agriculture research developing.
  6. Pharmacogenetics research.
  7. Human Molecular Diagnostics.
  8. Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics.
  9. Cancer research, Immunology Research and flow cytometry.
  10. Microbiology diagnostics and research.  
  11. Cell Culture Industry – Vaccines, Antibodies and cytotoxicity studies.
  12. Gene Silencing.
  13. Quality Control of the Bio-Industries.
  14. Biotechnology in general. 
  15. Immunology related researches. 


You are kindly invited to explore and discover by your self.

Enjoy your tour in our website and ask us for a visit, training, demo or free sample, please.

"We are only one step away!" 

Biotechnology is the future, biotechnology is the innovation. We are honored "to be" and "recognized" as key part of this innovation. Actually, we will do our best to remain on the top. 

Very truly yours,

Omar Y. Lafi - "General Manager"


Genetics Company "El Weratha Team"

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