Chromosome Y Microdelection kit - 40 tests
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• 2x Amplifi cation Mix
• Oligo MIX 1 (40 test)
• Oligo MIX 2 (40 test)
• Oligo Mix 3 (20 test)
• Male control DNA
• Female control DNA
• Blank control.

The kit consists of one Master Mix and three Oligo mixes 1, 2 and 3. The assay wants to check the presence of all the three regions AZFa, AZFb, AZFc on chromosome Y. To do that, OLIGO MIX 1 and OLIGO MIX 2 are prepared to amplifi ed two STS for each region and a fragment as control of amplifi cation.


In particular, OLIGO MIX 1 amplifi es sY86 (AZFa), sY127 (AZFb), sY254 (AZFc), and ZFX/ZFY as control of the amplifi cation, whereas OLIGO MIX 2 amplifi es sY84 (AZFa), sY134 (AZFb), sY255 (AZFc), and ZFX/ZFY as control of the amplifi cation. The strategy to check for the two STS for each AZF region in two different tubes is to minimize the possibility of an incorrect diagnosis due to an ineffi cient amplifi cation in one tube. OLIGO MIX 3 is prepared to verify the presence of the SRY gene as a control of Y specifi c sequences when ZFY gene is absent (i.e. in XX males).


If all the fragments are amplifi ed, no microdeletion is detected. In presence of the microdeletion of one or more regions, usually both STS contained in that region fail to amplify. If all the fragments fail to amplify, could be useful for the diagnosis to test the sample for the presence of SRY gene (OLIGO MIX 3).

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