Duplica Real time PAI 1 Genotyping kit
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The PAI-1 enzyme, is one of the major inhibitor of the plasminogen’s system. It is a 50-KDa glyco-protein belonging to the so-called serpin’s super-family of the serin-protease inhibitors. Recent studies have been shown, in middle age individuals, a strong association between high levels of PAI-1 in the plasma and the increased risk of myocardic infarction. Furthermore, in young men the increased activity of PAI-1 affects the incidence of cardiac ischemia




DUPLICaRealTimePAI Genotyping Kit a test with the DNA-based detection of the nucleotide

deletion/insertion. Two reaction mixes are provided for the amplification:

AMPLIFICATION MIX: with Hot Start Taq DNA polymerase (modify antibody technology),

nucleotides, MgCl2 and buffer.

OLIGO MIX: with primers and fluorogenic probes.


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