KAPA PROBE FAST Universal 2X qPCR Master Mix
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Also avialable in specific forms for ABI, Biorad, Roche real time PCR machines. more ifo please: click here

Also Available as one step RT-PCR !

Precise, reproducible, and versatile for all probe-based qPCR applications.

KAPA PROBE FAST qPCR Kits contain a ready-to-use master mix for highly sensitive and accurate real-time PCR using sequence-specific fluorogenic probe chemistries including hydrolysis probes (e.g. TaqMan®), FRET probes, and displacement probes (e.g. molecular beacons).

Optimized for versatility and speed - KAPA PROBE FAST qPCR Kits provide fast and reproducible results for genotyping, gene expression analysis, and multiplexing offering:

·        Compatibility with all probe-based qPCR applications and instruments

·        Fast, reproducible, and precise quantification

·        Discrete clusters in SNP genotyping assays

·        Multiplex qPCR

·        Broad dynamic range

·        Highly stable master mix for high-throughput workflows

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