Maxime™ RT-PCR PreMix
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Dried & aliquoted RT-PCR PreMix Kit for the accurate and fast one-step RT-PCR by high sensitivity, specificity and amplification rate.



· High reproducibility for the amplification of clinical samples

· RT-PCR by one step

Simple use after adding RNA, gene specific primer and DW only

· High specificity and sensitivity

· Dried & aliquoted PreMix, All-in-one

All components for RT-PCR in dried pellet in one tube

Direct use for PCR after adding template and primer

Gel loading dye included for Electrophoresis 

· High stability and reproducibility 

Dried & aliquoted PreMix by ALHP(Automatic Liquid Handling Platform) system

Protection from oxidation and humidity by vacuum packaging 

· High specificity and accuracy by hot-start function of Taq DNA polymerase



Maxime™ RT-PCR PreMix Kit, which synthesizes cDNA from RNA and amplifies, is one-step RT-PCR kit, from cDNA synthesis to PCR amplification. All progress can be done in one tube.

As one-step RT-PCR method has higher specificity than two-steps, this could be applied to mixed small amount RNA in sample.

The product contains OptiScript™ RT System, i-StarTaq™ DNA polymerase of hot-start function and all components (dNTP mixture and reaction buffer, etc.) for RT reaction  in dried pellet in a PCR tube each by ALHP system, that can guarantee the high reproducibility because of the reduce of pipetting error rate. Also vacuum packaging applied protects the components from oxidation and humidity for the stability of activity. The use is very simple like just adding of RNA template and RNase free DW only. It includes gel loading buffer also so gel loading can be done without an extra work.






· RNA qualification study

· RNA expression study

· Specific RNA detection

· Virus research

· Molecular diagnostic study


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