Titanium® One-Step RT-PCR Kit
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One Step RT-PCR—Gene Specific RT—Titanium One-Step RT-PCR Kit

The Titanium One-Step RT-PCR Kit provides an easy-to-use, streamlined procedure for performing reverse transcription-PCR. The entire reaction is performed in a single tube, eliminating cross-contamination problems. Along with convenience, this kit offers unparalleled sensitivity and efficiency and is ideal for comparing gene expression levels across different samples. With its high sensitivity, you can rely on the Titanium One-Step RT-PCR Kit for all analytical RT-PCR applications.


Improved One-Step Method

Traditional methods use separate steps for reverse transcription and PCR, thus requiring more hands-on time and allowing for potential sample crossover and contamination. In contrast, the Titanium One-Step RT-PCR Kit allows you to go straight from RT incubation to PCR cycling without opening tubes or adding reagents. The One-Step RT-PCR Kit includes reagents that ensure superior performance, allowing you to:

  • Minimize problems associated with RNA secondary structure. The thermostabilizing reagent allows reverse transcription to be performed at 50°C, providing increased specificity when used with gene-specific primers.
  • Perform hot start PCR for enhanced specificity and sensitivity. The Titanium Taq RT Enzyme Mix includes TaqStart Antibody for built-in hot start PCR (1–3).

One-step RT-PCR is the best method for working with multiple RNA samples. However, for amplifying multiple fragments from a single RNA source, two-step RT-PCR can actually be more efficient because only a single reverse transcription reaction mix is required. For two-step applications, we recommend our Advantage RT-for-PCR Kit.


  • Allows qualitative analysis of gene expression from multiple samples
  • Produces results from as little as 10 pg of total RNA
  • Provided in a maximally convenient single-tube format
  • Easy-to-use one-step format minimizes the risk of cross contamination

Superior sensitivity of Titanium One-Step RT-PCR. Superior sensitivity of Titanium One-Step RT-PCR. Different amounts of mouse liver total RNA were used as template for TITANIUM One-Step RT-PCR to amplify the beta-actin transcript. The target transcript was reverse-transcribed at 50°C for 1 hr and amplified using 40 PCR cycles; RT-PCR products were analyzed via EtBr/agarose gel electrophoresis. Lane 1: 1 μg of total RNA. Lane 2: 100 ng. Lane 3: 10 ng. Lane 4: 1 ng. Lane 5: 100 pg. Lane 6: 10 pg. Lane 7: 1 pg. Lane 8: no template. Lane M: DNA size markers.

Titanium One-Step RT-PCR is more efficient than other commercially available one-step RT-PCR kits. Titanium One-Step RT-PCR is more efficient than other commercially available one-step kits. Reactions were performed in parallel using the Titanium One-Step RT-PCR Kit and two other commercially available one-step kits under the manufacturers' recommended conditions. RT-PCR products were analyzed via agarose/EtBr gel electrophoresis. Human placenta total RNA (1 μg) was used as template for each reaction, and nine different human transcripts were amplified. Lane M: DNA size marker.

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