G-Spin total DNA Extraction Kit
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Available in 2 sizes (50 col/ 200 col)

G-spin™ Total Kit(Spin type) has been developed to extract high purity genomic DNA from Whole Blood, Cell, Tissue, Fixed tissue and Gram (-) Bacteria


§  Extract DNA from Whole Blood, Cell, Tissue, Fixed tissue and Gram (-) Bacteria.
§  High purity DNA extract by upgraded Lysis Buffer and Binding Buffer.
§  United buffer helps to extract high purity DNA without RBC lysis step for blood sample.
§  Extraction of genomic DNA only takes 20min ~ 30min.
§  Optimized Protocol is offered for various kinds of samples. 

G- spin ™ Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit is simple genomic DNA extraction kit from animal cell culture, blood, animal tissue, Rodent tail, ossification formation, hair root and hair, gram negative bacteria. Upgraded G-spinTM  Series offers Lysie Buffer and Binding Buffer to extract high yield and purity DNA template from various types of sample. Especially whole blood sample can be used without RBC lysis step. Efficient inhibitor removal system prevents bad influence from next experiments, so it is optimized with hybridization and PCR experiments. Optimized protocol for various kind of samples will help to get high reproducibility result. G-spin™ Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit is fully verified products through various kind of samples bt experimental tests.



§Cancer research
§ Gram negative bacterial research
§ Human genetic research
§ Viral DNA Research
§ Detection Assay : PCR, real time PCR
  DNA hybridization : Southern blotting, microarray
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