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RT-PCR PreMix kit of master mix type for One-step RT-PCR (cDNA synthesis and PCR at once) by using gene specificprimer.



· One-step RT-PCR

· Ready to Use

All components required for RT-PCR in one tube

Easy use by adding RNA, gene specific primer and DW only

· Sensitive cDNA synthesis and highly specific PCR amplification

· Adjustable reaction volume according to requirement

· High specificity and accuracy by hot-start Taq DNA Polymerase



RT-PCR PreMix kit is master mix type product for One-step RT-PCR (cDNA synthesis and PCR at once) by using gene specific primer.

For first-strand cDNA synthesis from total RNA and mRNA template and the chain reaction in a tube using GSP (Gene Specific Primer), the product includes reverse transcriptase, DNA polymerase and all components for each reaction are mixed in a solution.

OptiScript™ RT System applied to ONE-STEP RT-PCR PreMix Kit helps the accurate and highly effective reverse transcription from RNA template in 1 pg up to 2 ug. This is also designed to synthesize the first cDNA and perform high specific PCR. The gene expression in low copy can work with the product which can be stable for a year under the freezing condition as it was designed not to be frozen at freezer.






· RNA qualification study

· RNA expression study

· Specific RNA detection

· Virus research

· Molecular diagnostic study

· Real-time RT-PCR, etc.


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