Maxime™ RT PreMix (Random Primer) - 96 tubes
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Dried & aliquoted RT PreMix Kit for the fast and simple cDNA synthesis from RNA.



· High cDNA synthesis rate by OptiScript™ RT System

· cDNA synthesis from RNA diversely originated by using Random primer

· No extra heat treatment for RNA denaturation, the fast reverse transcription 

· Dried & aliquoted PreMix, All-in-one

All component for reaction in dried pellet in one tube

cDNA synthesis after adding template and RNase free DW only       

· High stability and reproducibility

Dried & aliquoted PreMix by ALHP (Automatic Liquid Handling Platform)

Protection from oxidation and humidity by vacuum packaging



Maxime™ RT PreMix Kit(Random Primer) synthesizes cDNA from RNA of procaryotic and eukaryotic cell, etc. with simple and fast method.

The conventional cDNA synthesis step should have two steps, RNA denaturation and cDNA synthesis. But this can be used by one step in a PCR tube with PCR machine.

The product contains OptiScript™ RT System and all components (Random Primer, dNTP mixture and reaction buffer, etc.) for RT reaction  in dried pellet in a PCR tube each by ALHP system, that can guarantee the high reproducibility because of the reduce of pipetting error rate. Also vacuum packaging applied protects the components from oxidation and humidity for the stability of activity. The use is very simple, after adding of RNA template and RNase free DW only, cDNA synthesis is possible. As Random hexamer is included and suitable for RNA of various organism including eukaryotic cell .






· First strand cDNA synthesis

· Construction of full length cDNA libraries

· Real-time RT-PCR


· DNA labeling

· Primer extension


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