Power cDNA Synthesis Kit
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Manual type product for convenient and easy first cDNA synthesis.



· Simple step

· Rapid reaction time : within one hour

· Ready-to-use :  All components are included for synthesis

· Efficacy : Optimal test condition for cDNA synthesis

· High purity : No contamination by RNase and DNase



Power cDNA Synthesis Kit is used to synthesize first-strand cDNA from total RNA and mRNA template and includes all components  such as AMV Reverse transcriptase and RNase inhibitor, etc. for cDNA synthesis. Protein  synthesis from DNA organism is an important factor to understand organic phenomenon on Central Dogma. In the past, only protein is an object for synthesis research but nowadays, mRNA, transcriptome for protein synthesis is also considered. This is a known fact that gene analysis is more accurate and easier than protein analysis. As this is also sensitive, the indirect method, RNA research  is preferred with saving cost. As Power cDNA Synthesis Kit uses AMV Reverse transcriptase of high efficiency for the efficient full-length cDNA and this is designed to optimized for the first cDNA synthesis, that can be useful for gene expression in lowcopy. The step is very simple, anyone can synthesize the best cDNA easily and the best result is guaranteed on PCR.






· Standard RT

· Real-time PCR

· Microarray analysis

· RNA sequencing

· cDNA library





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