KAPA2G FAST Master Mix
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A second-generation DNA polymerase engineered for the ultimate in speed and performance.

KAPA2G Fast DNA Polymerase is a second-generation enzyme derived through a process of molecular evolution. The KAPA2G Fast DNA Polymerase was engineered for higher processivity and speed, offering significantly faster extension rates and improved PCR success rates than wild-type Taq polymerase. KAPA2G Fast is well suited for both routine and high-throughput PCR, achieving higher yields and improved sensitivity than competitor enzymes across a wide range of amplicon types.

KAPA2G Fast DNA Polymerase and optimized buffer system offers

  • Extension times as low as 1 sec per kilobase.
  • Outstanding performance when compared to standard and hot start Taq polymerase.
  • 20 - 70% reductions in total PCR time.
  • No requirement for specialist PCR consumables or instrumentation
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