DNA-midi™ GT Plasmid DNA Purification Kit
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DNA-midi GT plasmid DNA Purification Kit is designed for High purity of DNA purification by Gravity flow.



· Efficient DNA purification is available for Midi Scale samples.

   High copy number: up to 60 ml culture volume

   Low copy number: up to 120 ml culture volume

· Equality to that obtained by 2x CsCl-gradient centrifugation.

· Eliminates the use of phenol, chloroform, ethidium bromide, and cesium chloride, minimizing exposure to, and disposal of hazardous materials.

· Time saving: Complete the process in less than 120 minutes by gravity flow.



 DNA-Midi™ GT Plasmid DNA Purification Kit is designed for efficient purification of high quality plasmid DNA from bacterial cells. This kit provides alkaline lysis reagents and columns packed with anion-exchanger resins.

The entire midi prep process can be completed within 120 minutes through gravity-flow procedure and up to 100 ㎍ of plasmid DNA can be expected. The plasmid DNA is free from protein, genomic DNA and RNA contaminants. This pure plasmid DNA is suitable for downstream applications such as transfection, in vitro transcription and translation, and all enzymatic modifications.






· Ligation & Transformation

· Transfection

· PCR & Real-time PCR

· Automated fluorescent sequencing

· Microinjection

· Restriction digestion etc.


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