DNA-midi™ SV Plasmid DNA Purification Kit
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DNA-midi SV Kit is designed for easy and fast high yield midi scale, plasmid DNA isolation and purification.



· Efficient isolation and purification is available for Midi Scale.

High copy number : 30~50 ml culture volume.

Low copy number : 100 ml culture volume.

· Takes 30 minutes to extract high yield plasmid DNA (vacuum method).

· Pre-filtration column applied to remove Cell lysate.

· Centrifugation method(Swing bucket rotor only) makes Ethanol settlement needlessness.

· Simple and stable plasmid DNA isolation and purification with over 30 Kb.

· Lysis & Neutralization indicator (Lysis Viewer) applied.

DNA-midi™ SV Plasmid DNA Purification Kit is designed to extract high purity and concentrate plasmid DNA from midi scale bacterial cell culture volume using silica  membrane and optimized alkali lysis buffering system. Two column system helps easy isolation and purification with pre-filtration column and DNA binding membrane applied binding membrane. So you can extract and purify DNA within 30min using the vacuum method (Fig 1. Combination of Pre & Binding Column). Neutralization buffering system affects pH neutralization and binding for stable extraction and purification from over 30Kb  size plasmid DNA. Effective chromosomal DNA, cell debris removal  is also possible with that system. Lysis Viewer is applied to visual pH confirmation as lysis & neutralization indicator, so you can easily find the pH condition during the alkaline lysis step. High-copy plasmid DNA and low-copy plasmid DNA are all available to use. Washing Buffer A is separately offered for efficient isolation and purification of plasmid DNA from endA+ strain(HB101, the JM strains, NM series strains, PR series strains).





· Ligation & transformation

· PCR & Real-time PCR

· Automated fluorescent sequencing

· Transfection

· Restriction digestion  etc.     

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