i-genomic Urine DNA Extraction Mini Kit
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Spin type, Simple and easy Gram(+)/(-) Bacteria and Yeast DNA extraction from Urine sample.



· Designed to extract Gram negative bacteria, Gram positive bacteria and Yeast DNA extraction without Lysozyme treatment.      

· High purity DNA extraction by salt  control in samples

· Stable and high reproducibility result by PCR Inhibitor elimination.



i-genomic™ Urine DNA Extraction Mini Kit is designed to extract bacterial or viral DNA from urine. Not only G(-)/(+) bacteria,yeast but also animal cell/tissue DNA extraction is available. Generally urine sample includes salts(uric acid) so it is important to remove salt. i-genomic™ Urine DNA Extraction Mini Kit  developed a optimal buffering system for efficient inhibitor removal.

Various biological samples including body fluids have been applied for identification of gene as a material for a wide range of research.  However, in case of urine sample, it had fewer cells so it was far from ideal to use at research. So there was not enough research performed for urine sample. Nevertheless, disease detection through molecular diagnosis  is getting more important and urine is also getting more important sample because urine includes various infectious bacteria coming out through the circulation of white blood cells and vascular epithelial cells in blood . Therefore, urine DNA sample is suitable for cancer screening, DNA methylation, sexually transmitted diseases and infectious disease research.

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