IQeasy Plus Viral DNA/ RNA Extraction kit
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Spin type product which can effectively extract Viral DNA/RNA from micro amount sample by using binding carrier

§ High reliable and reproducible extraction of micro amount viral gene by using binding carrier

   Easy binding of micro amount nucleic acid

   Improvement of sensibility

   Applied Binding carrier with no affect on PCR

§ Effective extraction for virus (e.g. influenza virus) having envelope as well as capsid protein

§ Safe use without organic solvent

§ Extraction of viral DNA as well as RNA within 20 minutes

§ Minimal contamination by applying CAPS (Clean Automatic Packaging System) to column,

§ Suitable  for diagnostic research for clinical sample 


§ Pathogen detection

§ Microarray

§ cDNA synthesis

§ Reverse Transcriptase PCR(RT-PCR)

§ Quantitative PCR(qPCR, qRT-PCR) etc

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