i-genomic stool DNA Extraction Mini kit
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Spin type, IR Spin Column affects high purity DNA extraction from Stool Sample.



· Especially designed to extract DNA virus, gram negative bacteria, gram positive bacteria, mammalian 

genomic DNA from stool sample.    

· High quality DNA can be extracted by using IR Spin Column(inhibitor remove column).

· Can be applied to various kinds of stool sample like Human dog, rat, bird, cat and cow.

· No Phenol-chloroform extraction or alcohol precipitation step.

· Simple and easy DNA extraction within 50min.



i-genomic™ Stool DNA Extraction Mini Kit is designed to extract DNA virus, gram negative bacteria, gram positive bacteria, mammalian genomic DNA from fresh or frozen stool sample of human, dog, rat, cat and cow. Generally stool samples include lots of DNA degradation component that can inhibit downstream reaction like PCR. Therefore, impurity removal system is essential to extract genomic DNA from stool sample. Colorectal epithelial cells, gram negative/positive bacteria, virus andgastrointestinal pathogen genomic DNA extraction should be possible to use standard sample for bacteria or virus infection. Purified genomic DNA should guarantee high quality, too. Applied IR Spin Column can remove impurities efficiently and optimized buffering system makes efficient extraction. i-genomic™ Stool DNA Extraction Mini Kit takes only 50min from sample preparation to genomic DNA extraction. There is no phenol-chloroform extraction or alcohol precipitation step.



i-genomic™ Series DNA Extraction Mini Kit is specially designed for target DNA extraction(Fig1). Grasps diagnostic factors of target sample and offer special tool as like lysis buffer and removal inhibitor. Therefore,  i-genomic™ Series DNA Extraction Mini Kit can guarantee high yield and purity DNA extraction and reproducibility. Respectively reduced contamination worries using CAPS construction method is simply separate column packaging, so that can be carried out effectively gouging pathogen research (Fig 2.). As a conclusion it is suitable product for pathogen research, SNP genotyping, RAPD analysis, AFLP analysis, RFLP analysis, Microsatellite analysis.

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