i-genomic Soil DNA Extraction Mini Kit
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Spin type, Inhibitor Remover makes high purity DNA extraction from Soil microorganism.



· Especially designed for high purity DNA extraction from Soil microorganism.

· Glass bead applied for effective lysis to extract high yield DNA.

· Inhibitor Remover  applied to remove humic acid in Soil microorganism.

· Humic acid removal makes stable and high reproducible result.

· Simple protocol takes only 40min DNA extraction.



i-genomic™ Soil DNA Extraction Mini Kit is designed to extract DNA from various kinds of soil sample for  soil metagenome research. This kits has glass bead Soil for economical and efficient lysis instead of chemical lysis using chemical. Especially a lot of humic acid(Component of corrosive materials with dark brown color,  which can be split into smaller molecules) can act as inhibitor if extracted together with genomic DNA. Therefore, i-genomic™ Soil DNA Extraction Mini Kit has inhibitor remover to remove humic acid. This circumstance makes high purity DNA extract condition.


Recently dual capable microorganism for decomposer and producer have been continuously processing the research.  Several year ago, microbial enzymes to separate the best advantage, but that can be cultured in artificial medium for microbial cultures restrictively, so that exclude of existing microbial genome studies are require now. The genome analysis method culturing non-microbial studies using meta genome in many microbial genome that is a mixture in the form of soil, waters, tidal flats, rivers and cattle, and various natural from the environment exists. Therefore, it is high advanced technology for using 99% non-cultured microorganisms. i-genomic™ Soil DNA Extraction Mini Kit is optimized products for these kinds of research.



i-genomic™ Series DNA Extraction Mini Kit is specially designed for target DNA extraction(Fig1). Grasps diagnostic factors of target sample and offer special tool as like lysis buffer and removal inhibitor. Therefore,  i-genomic™ Series DNA Extraction Mini Kit can guarantee high yield and purity DNA extraction and reproducibility. Respectively reduced contamination worries using CAPS construction method is simply separate column packaging, so that can be carried out effectively gouging pathogen research (Fig 2.). As a conclusion it is suitable product for pathogen research, SNP genotyping, RAPD analysis, AFLP analysis, RFLP analysis, Microsatellite analysis.

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