Takara DEXPAT Easy Reagent
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DNA extraction from FFPE (formalin fixed paraffin-embedded) samples typically involves several time-consuming and labor-intensive steps. DEXPAT Easy Reagent simplifies and speeds up DNA extraction from FFPE samples by providing a ready-to-use reagent dispensed into individual microcentrifuge tubes as well as an improved reagent composition that facilitates separation of the DNA aqueous solution from the included absorbant resin. In this way, the DEXPAT Easy Reagent retains the performance of the DEXPAT Regent while offering several additional benefits.


DEXPAT Easy Reagent is designed for simple and rapid PCR-ready DNA extraction from FFPE samples in approximately 30 minutes. This kit provides an optimized mixture of a unique surfactant and PCR inhibitor-absorbent resin predispensed into 1.5-ml microtubes. To obtain PCR-ready DNA, simply add a paraffin-embedded tissue section into the microtube, incubate it at 100°C, centrifuge at 4°C and cool the microtube on ice for 5 minutes. The refrigerated centrifugation step following heat treatment allows the formation of a gel-like layer above the absorbent resin. When collecting the DNA solution, this gel-like layer prevents contamination of the DNA by the absorbent resin. Please note that the absorbent resin may inhibit downstream PCR.

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