i-genomic Plant DNA Extraction Mini Kit
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Spin type, Designed to extract DNA at high purity condition from plant and processed food.



· Especially designed for extract DNA from difficulty sample as like Gramineae seed or processed food.

· Optimized protocol(5 kinds) guarantee high reproducibility

· Enhancer Solution applied to extract DNA, from lots of secondary product included plant.

· Over 100 kinds of plant and processed food specimen application and data is offered.

· Provide detail protocol for simple and suitable application



i-genomic™ Plant DNA Extraction Mini Kit is designed for not only various kinds of leaves, roots, fruits, seed DNA extraction but also metapalasis, high pressure, high temperature,  juiced, sterilized step processed food sample DNA extraction. PPT Buffer and Enhancer Solution applied to eliminate secondary product disruption  for DNA extraction from difficulty samples as like Gramineae seed. Recently GMO labeling system make indication of GMO food applied processed food, so it is suitable kit for extraction of DNA to indentify GMO food. Detail protocol is offered for easy extraction of high yield and purity sample. Over 100 kind of plant specimen application and data offered for more practical data verification (Refer to Fig 1 and Technical data).

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