i-genomic BYF DNA Extraction Mini Kit
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Spin type, simple DNA extraction kits for Gram(+) Bacteria, Yeast and Fungi.



· Specialized for Gram(+) Bacteria, Yeast and Fungi DNA extraction

· Optimized protocol(4 kinds) guarantee high reproducibility

2 kinds of protocol offered for fungal tissue and fungi sample.

· High yield and purity sample with optimized Buffering system.

Yeast sample go through 2 steps of strong cell wall lysis as Buffer MYP and Buffer MP to guarantee

high yield.

· Applied data and sample is offer for Gram(+) Bacteria, Yeast and Fungi sample.

· Provide detail protocol for simple and suitable application.



i-genomic™ BYF DNA Extraction Mini Kit is specially designed for Gram positive bacteria, Yeast, Fungi DNA extraction.

Optimized chaotropic salt and detergent applied to extract genomic DNA efficiently by pre-lysis and lysis buffering system. For example, there are 2 kinds of protocol for fungal tissue and fungi, as well as offer total 4 kinds of protocol (Type A, Type B, Type C & Type D). In the case of yeast, sample go through 2 steps of strong cell wall lysis as Buffer MVP and Buffer MP to maximize extraction efficiency. 23 kinds of sample test applied to get variety BYF sample extraction results. Related Pictures(Fig1.) and data(Refer to technical data) offered as following.

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