RNA-spin™ Total RNA Extraction Kit
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Spin type product which can extract total RNA from cell or tissue with the fast and convenient steps.



· Extraction of high yield and purity total RNA from cell or tissue within 20 minutes.

· No requirement of steps for organic solvent or alcohol precipitation.

· Test result of high reproducibility

· The accurate downstream applications available by minimizing cross-contaminant.

· Minimized contamination by applying CAPS(clean automatic packaging system) to column.



RNA-spin™ Total RNA Extraction Kit in spin type can extract total RNA from cell or tissue with the fast and convenient steps. Comparing to easy-spin™ (DNA-free) Total RNA Extraction Kit, it requires no phenol and develops Lysis Buffer system using chaotropic salt and detergent in order to effectively lysis cell or tissue , denaturalise the nucleic acid protein and control the activity of RNase originated from cell. That is, R-Buffer and beta-mecaptoethnol in RNA-spin™ Total RNA effectively deactivates RNase and denaturalise cell as well as tissue protein so that the lysis of RNA from protein is done properly. In addition, with EtOH added after the step of lysis, it can have RNA effectively sticks on the silica-gel membrane, that helps the contamination of DNA and protein to be minimized.

As stated earlier, this product does not use toxic organic solvent so user can use this safely and without EtOH precipitation step. Pure RNA can be extracted by the fast and convenient method.

Total RNA extracted has enough high purity and yield to be possibly used for cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, Northern Blot analysis, Dot Blot and primer extension.

As the columns are packed individually by CAPS, contamination is remarkably reduced(table 1).


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