Viral Gene-spin™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit
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Spin type product which can extract both Viral DNA and RNA from the various clinical samples such as serum, plasma, cell free body fluid, stool, etc with easy and fast method.



· Extraction of Viral DNA/RNA from various clinical samples within 20 minutes

· Extraction of high yield and purity Viral DNA /RNA by the powerful lysis buffer

· No enzyme treatment

· Use of Non-phenol and no EtOH precipitation step 

· Cited on OIE regulation based on  the result of various clinical samples

· Minimum contamination by CAPS (clean automatic packaging system) available for molecular   

   diagnostic research for clinical samples



Viral Gene-spin™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit is designed to extract Virus DNA/RNA from the various clinical samples suchas serum, plasma, plasma, cell-free fluid, stool, whole blood, tissue, swab, urine, cultured cell and virus infection tissue, etc. with easy and fast method.

Viral Gene-spin™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit contains the powerful lysis buffer which can work without extra enzymetreatment on envelope of virus as well as capsid protein to be eluted and denaturalized (except a few of virusIQeasy™ Plus Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit is required) in order to help virus gene to be eluted and also RNase to be deactivated. The binding buffer added after the elution is for the effective binding of gene to silica-gel membrane and two kinds of washing  buffer effectively remove protein and any contaminants in order to obtain the high purity virus gene.

No toxic organic solvent and EtOH precipitation are required, pure virus gene can be extracted with the fast and simple method. CAPS(Clean Automatic Packaging System)applied to column minimize the contamination (table 1).

The virus gene extracted by this product can be used for viral diagnostics as well as cancer research, especially for human or animal diagnostics for infected disease by virus or bacteria.

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