easy-RED™ Total RNA Extraction Kit
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Solution type product which can extract total RNA from cell, tissue, bacterial and stool etc. including clinical samples such as blood and serum, etc.



· Easy and fast extraction from liquid samples such as blood, serum and biological fluid, etc.

· Extraction of total RNA from cell, tissue, bacteria and stool etc.

· Easy distinction between aqueous phase and phenol phase by the deep-pink red colour solution.

· High yield and purity total RNA by high purity water-saturated phenol.

· Specialized protocol offered for each sample.

· Accurate downstream applications by perfect removal of cross-contaminant.



easy-RED™ Total RNA Extraction Kit(for liquid sample) in solution type can extract total RNA from liquid samples such as blood, serum, swab and biological fluid, etc and various samples including cell, tissue, bacteria and stool, etc with easy and fast method.

Comparing to our similar product, easy-BLUE™ Total RNA Extraction Kit, this is specialized to extract total RNA from liquid samples. It can separate RNA into various size, for example, RNA extracted from mouse liver can show high molecular weight RNA between 7Kb and 15 Kb, two ribosomal RNA band between 5 Kb(18s) and 2Kb(28s) and low molecular weight RNA between 0.1 Kb and 0.3 Kb(tRNA, 5S) on agarose gel after electrophoresis 

easy-RED™ Solution can obtain high yield and purity total RNA by using high purity water-saturated phenol and the specialized protocol for each sample (table 1) is available for easy and simple use as well as high reproducibility.

Total RNA extracted by easy-RED™ Solution can be directly used for cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, Real-time RT-PCR and Northern blotting.

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