IQeasy™ Plus CTB RNA Extraction Kit
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Spin type product with 2 columns which can effectively extract the high purity and yield total RNA from cells, tissue, bacteria (gram+/-) and yeast.



· Effective extraction of total RNA from various samples including cells, tissues, bacteria(gram+/-).

· Specialized protocol for each sample (total three types)

· gDNA remover spin column system applied

   The fast removal of gDNA by 2 column system

· Minimized mixing of gDNA without extra DNase treatment

· Extraction or purification of high yield and purity RNA within 30 minutes

· Extraction of High purity RNA based on non-phenol method



IQeasy™ Plus CTB RNA Extraction Mini Kit is designed to extract high purity total RNA from cells, tissue, gram(+/-) bacteria and yeast sample within 20 minutes. Without no extra enzyme treatment, RNA extraction is available with buffer RPL (pre-lysis buffer) only.

In order to minimize the mixing of gDNA, gDNA Remover Spin Column is provided but no DNase treatment is required, that helps extraction of high purity total RNA which can be used for microarray.

RNA binding filter column including high silica content is also provided for the effective extraction of high purity and yield total RNA. In addition, the specialized protocol for each sample helps easy extraction as well as obtaining of highly reliable and reproducible total RNA(Table 1.) This kit is based on non-phenol method and specialized for the high purity RNA which  can be used for real-time PCR and microarray, etc.

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