IQeasy™ Plus Plant RNA Extraction Mini Kit
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Spin type product with 2 column which can extract total RNA from plant such as various leaf, trunk, root and seed.


· Extraction of total RNA from various plant sample

   Effective extraction of total RNA from seed containing a lot of metabolites

· Extraction of high purity and yield RNA

   The fast removal of gDNA and extraction of RNA within 20 minutes by 2 column system

   The removal of more than 99% of gDNA without extra DNase treatment        

· RNA extraction based on non-phenol method


IQeasy™ Plus Plant RNA Extraction Mini Kit is designed to extract total RNA from leaf, trunk, root and seed of various plants.

Plant accumulates variety of metabolites through photosynthesis and those metabolites would  be an inhibitor which has an effect on extraction of nucleic acid. To remove this inhibitor, high concentration chaotrophic salt or phenol should be used under lysis step. However, for  rice, barley, wheat and seed containing a lot of starch or bean, green gram, pea and seed containing a lot of protein as well as soil, if alcohol is added for binding, too much precipitation  occurs and also the nucleic acid is precipitated (co-precipitation), that brings the sample including less RNA. To overcome this problem, IQeasy™ Plus Plant RNA Extraction Mini Kit was developed.


IQeasy™ Plus Plant RNA Extraction Mini Kit works effectively on the plant containing a lot of metabolites  for extraction of total RNA and the high yield and purity RNA can be extracted because chaotrophic salt is not used and inhibitor,  the factor of obstruction is removed under lysis step.

2 column system is used, one is a sieve spin column which can remove the supernatant fast in homogenate and another is a gDNA binding column for removal of gDNA.

As mentioned earlier, the extraction of RNA from various plant can be done within 20 minutes because of the absence of enzymatic lysis.  Two kinds of protocol are provided for both tissue and species  for easy and simple extraction of high purity and yield total RNA.


IQeasy™ plus Series Total RNA Extraction Mini Kit is a special product for RNA extraction which effectively extracts total RNA from various samples(Table 1). According to the characteristics of samples, the specialized tool is provided , e.g. lysis buffer, a removal of inhibitor and a minimum of gDNA mix, etc.

This is  designed and developed to extract total RNA of high yield and purity and raise the reproducibility  through the specialized protocol for each sample.

CAPS (Clean Automatic Packaging System) is applied to all IQeasy™ plus Series Kit in order to minimize contamination and it can make reliable pathogen research available(table 2). RNA extracted  by IQeasy™ plus Series can be used for not only pathogen research but also microarray.



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