KAPA3G Plant PCR Kits
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Evolved to solve. Direct PCR from plant tissue.



The KAPA3G Plant PCR Kit is based on a novel, third-generation (3G) DNA polymerase, engineered via molecular evolution for improved tolerance to common plant-derived PCR inhibitors such as polyphenolics and polysaccharides. Kits are optimized for fast and efficient amplification of plant DNA from crude samples, DNA containing carry-over inhibitors from crude extraction methods, and purified DNA.

Key features of the KAPA3G Plant PCR Kit include:

  Fast PCR direct from plant tissues such as leaf discs, seeds and crude plant extracts. 

  Streamlined workflows for transgenic screening. 

  Improved PCR success rates and reproducibility. 

  Efficient amplification of long and difficult targets from all sample types. 


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