KAPA Express Extract Kits
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Rapid and efficient extraction of DNA from a broad range of source material.

KAPA Express Extract is a novel thermostable protease and buffer system that allows for the extraction of PCR-ready DNA from various tissue types in as little as 15 minutes. The KAPA Express Extract system has been designed for optimal tissue lysis and DNA preservation. DNA extractions are conveniently performed in a single-tube, without the need for hazardous chemicals and multiple washing steps, thereby greatly reducing the risk of sample loss and contamination.

Key features of the KAPA Express Extract system include: 

·        Rapid extraction protocol - PCR-ready DNA in 15 minutes

·        Versatility - single kit optimized for a variety of sample types

·        Single-tube reaction minimizes risk of contamination

·        Couple with KAPA2G Robust HotStart ReadyMix for increased PCR success rates

The combination of KAPA Express Extract and KAPA2G Robust HotStart ReadyMix provides the highest performance solution for rapid DNA extraction and consistent downstream amplification. KAPA2G Robust DNA Polymerase is a novel enzyme evolved for increased processivity and exhibits greatly improved tolerance to carryover PCR inhibitors from crude DNA extractions. More information on KAPA2G Robust DNA Polymerase 


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