KAPA SYBR® FAST Universal 2X qPCR Master Mix
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Also available for type specific PCR machines: Biorad , ABI, Roche .. etc


Containing the first DNA polymerase evolved for real-time PCR.

KAPA SYBR® FAST qPCR Kits are designed for the highest performance in real-time PCR. Kits contain a novel DNA polymerase engineered through a process of molecular evolution - the result is a unique enzyme, specifically evolved for qPCR using SYBR® Green I dye chemistry.

The KAPA SYBR® DNA Polymerase was engineered to perform optimally in stringent real-time qPCR reaction conditions, exhibiting dramatic improvements to signal-to-noise ratio (fluorescence), cycle threshold (Ct), linearity, and sensitivity. The KAPA SYBR® DNA Polymerase and proprietary buffer system enhances the amplification efficiency of difficult templates, including both GC-rich and AT-rich templates.



“I lead genome-wide studies on RNA (gene expression and alternative splicing) and DNA (SNPs and copy number variation) and real-time PCR is a key player for validating our results. I switched to the KAPA SYBR® FAST qPCR Kit from Kapa Biosystems because I noticed a significant improvement in PCR reaction efficiency - the kit works very nicely for the vast majority of primers we design without optimization and for all our various applications. This universality makes our real-time PCR assays very fast to establish and our results more reliable.”

- Dr. Philippe Demouging, Department of Molecular Psychology, University of Basel, Switzerland


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