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Amplify long templates up to 20 kb with extreme sensitivity and increased fidelity.

The KAPA Long Range PCR system is a blend of Taq DNA polymerase and an engineered archaeal (B-family) DNA polymerase possessing proofreading capability. This two-enzyme system is designed specifically to support long range and/or sensitive PCR.

KAPA Long Range DNA Polymerase possesses 3x – 4x higher fidelity than Taq polymerase. The majority of PCR products from a KAPA Long Range HotStart DNA Polymerase reaction have a single deoxyadenosine added to the 3’ ends of the amplicon and can be used for ligation into single 3’-T -overhang cloning sites.

The KAPA Long Range PCR system is ideally suited for:

·        PCR amplification of long targets up to 20 kb and/or PCR using low amounts of template DNA.

·        Standard short- and mid-range PCR amplification.

·        Production of PCR products to be used for ligation into 3’-T-overhang cloning vectors.

·        Targeted sample enrichment for next-generation DNA sequencing.

KAPA Long Range DNA Polymerase is also available with HotStart technology for improved specificity during prolonged benchtop setup or liquid handling.

Kapa Biosystems enzymes outperform others we've used. In particular, KAPA Long Range HotStart DNA Polymerase has enabled us to reliably amplify long range templates up to 12 kb for use in downstream next-generation DNA resequencing. KAPA Long Range HotStart outperformed three other competitors' enzymes in our head-to-head comparisons. Kapa enzymes are the cornerstone of our current work and we use KAPA Long Range HotStart, KAPA2G Fast HotStart, and KAPA HiFi because of their exceptional performance and great value. 

- Keith Choate, M.D., Ph.D., Department of Dermatology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut



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