KAPA2G Robust HotStart ReadyMix (100 rxn)
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Streamline your PCR workflows by consolidating protocols and reaction conditions, increase pass rates, amplify difficult templates without bias, and increase sensitivity – all with a single enzyme.

The second-generation KAPA2G Robust DNA Polymerase was evolved to solve - achieve consistent amplification across a broad range of amplicon types (both GC and AT-rich). The versatility and robustness of the polymerase allows for consolidation of PCR cycling protocols and reaction conditions while increasing success rates. The high performance of the KAPA2G Robust DNA Polymerase eliminates the need for multiple enzymes and protocols - standardize your PCRs with a single enzyme solution.

The KAPA2G Robust DNA Polymerase offers:

  • Robust performance across a wide range of GC- and AT-rich templates
  • Increased PCR success rates
  • Consolidated PCR protocols and reaction conditions with a single enzyme
  • Improved tolerance to common PCR inhibitors for crude samples and/or DNA extractions
  • Consistent Colony PCR from E. coli and yeast
  • Higher yield and sensitivity per unit of enzyme
  • Three novel buffers and a proprietary PCR enhancer offer extended optimization options for the most difficult templates

KAPA2G Robust DNA Polymerase is also available with HotStart technology for improved specificity during prolonged benchtop setup or liquid handling.

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