i-max II (Proofreading, CE marked) Master Mix
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2X PCR Master mix solution having proofreading function which helps the high sensitivity, accuracy and low error rate

  •  Ready to Use

    All components are premixed in solution

    Adding template and primer only for PCR

  •  Adjustable PCR reaction volume
  •  High accuracy and low error rate

    Long size DNA template amplification with proofreading

    High yield amplification for long DNA template as well as short DNA template

    Various applications including cloned DNA, human genomic DNA, GC-rich and looped sequences, etc.


2x PCR Master mix Solution(i-MAXTM II) including i-MAXTM II DNA Polymerase  is designed to get the best result with simplicity that all components are premixed in a tube with 2x solution mix type.  

After adding template DNA primer set and D.W. only, performing PCR is possible and  gel loading is done with no any other treatment because of gel loading buffer. i-MAXTMII DNA Polymerase used for this product takes the advantages of Taq DNA Polymerase and pfu DNA Polymerase each and get the new function by overcoming the disadvantages of each polymerase. This has proofreading  function which helps the DNA amplification from small size DNA (below 4-5Kb) up to over 20 Kb DNA.

The advantages and disadvantages for each polymerase are as follows.

When template is over than 5 kb, the amplification yield is remarkably low and the exception is available according to the template but the amplification for 10Kb or over 10Kb is almost impossible as Taq DNA Polymerase dose not have proofreading activity, if mismatched nucleotide inserts under DNA synthesis, it separates from template and fails in the polymerization.

This  disadvantage of the Taq DNA Polymerase can be solved by using DNA polymerase with proofreading function.

That proofreading function removes the mismatched nucleotide which inserts under DNA polymerase polymerization and makes the complimentary nucleotide. This performance works to get the more accurate PCR product of nucleic acid sequence and also helps to amplify longer DNA template according to Taq DNA Polymerase.

Pfu DNA Polymerase that proofreading function and it can amplify long size (up to 30 Kb) DNA, pfu DNA Polymerase has higher fidelity and proofreading function comparing to normal Taq DNA Polymerase. However, Pfu DNA Polymerase has lower efficiency in the polymerization and needs more time to complete it.

2x PCR Master mix Solution(i-MAXTM II) includes i-MAXTM II DNA Polymerase which has advantages of both Taq DNA Polymerase and Pfu DNA Polymerase. Therefore, it amplifies small size DNA (smaller than 4-5 Kb) and long size DNA and has the best result for sensitivity as well as reproducibility.


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