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  • KAPA Universal DNA Ladder (100 ng/µL, 1 x 1 mL)
    For 200 lanes, 5 µL per lane. Supplied with KAPA Loading Dye (6X) 1 x 1.5 mL.
  • RNA to cDNA EcoDry™ Premix
    Room temperature stable - lyophilized master mix for reverse transcription PCR. This format allows you to perform first-strand cDNA synthesis with minimal effort and maximum ease. 
  • Conda Agaroses Types

    Your ideal solution for electrophoresis

    Get specific information about product, properties, application, etc.

  • Genetics PCR Solutions (GPS) Brand - ANY PATHOGEN
    GPS/ Spain --  Develops High Quality for Validated Real time PCR kit for any pathogen or gene Marker. Get full validates 125 test + All controls needed in 3 weeks time. 
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