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Elchrom Scientific is a Swiss biotech company and was founded 1989 by scientists of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. The company merged with Guest Medical to form Guest Elchrom Scientific group from which Elchrom Scientific AG was separated in 1997. The headquarters, R&D laboratories and manufacturing facilities are in Switzerland.

Elchrom Scientific is focused on the development of new materials and methodologies for the separation of nucleic acids. Elchrom Scientific technology and products represent state-of-the-art solutions in electrophoresis. Amongst the worldwide customers are laboratories in hospitals, private institutes, pharmaceutical, biotech, food technology and agriculture industries as well as research laboratories at universities.
Elchrom Scientific sets new quality standards in DNA/RNA electrophoresis and oligonucleotide purification. Elchrom’s ready-to-use gels are based on a novel matrix and are ideal for a wide range of applications in plant, human and animal genomics. The gels offer a sensational resolution (up to 1 bp), unsurpassed reproducibility and are designed for high throughput and speed.


  • Our mission is to enable our customers to achieve the best possible
    scientific results and breakthroughs in human molecular research as well as in animal and plant genomics

  • Elchrom products achieve unsurpassed levels of standardization for various applications

  • The combination of Elchrom products provides outstanding performance and outstanding resolution in DNA/RNA analysis and purification

Elchrom Scientific is your partner of choice for electrophoresis

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